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The Meal Prep Co

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Elevate Your Health and Fitnesswith Personalized Meal Prep!

We are now partnering with the Meal Prep Company – a San Diego meal prepping and nutrition company that focuses on each client’s unique diet and fitness goals.

Getting started is simple! When you sign up for a free 1-hour consultation, the Meal Prep Company will evaluate your biomarkers, physical activity, and lifestyle to determine the most effective meal prep plan for you and your workout regime.

Benefits of Eating with the Meal Prep Co

The Meal Prep Co works with you to improve your diet and overall health. When you sign up for a meal plan, you can expect the following:

  • Customized Macro Meal Plan developed during the consultation
  • 6 Week Rotating Menu
  • 20 Page Welcome Booklet & Nutrition Guide
  • Complex Carbs for lasting energy
  • High Protein for muscle recovery and amino acid turnover
  • Fresh Veggies for antioxidant protection
  • Healthy Fats for proper brain function and development
  • Carb Cycling Plans, Additional Protein, Paleo Plans, Customized Macros
  • Fitness Testing Available – RMR, Hydrostatic Dunk BF% Testing, VO2
  • Nutritionist on staff
  • Supplement Coach

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Or, book your free consultation through the Meal Prep Co’s website.